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Samantha Purea

Wife, Pet Mom,  Business Owner,  Photographer, Realtor, & Entrepreneur.

“Not following your dreams is failing your future Reality!” 



I recently moved to my favorite city in the world, LAS VEGAS, with my Husband and fur-babies.. and I find inspiration is so much every day.  I almost wish I had my camera attached to me 24/7.    Cleveland will always be a part of me but my story has started a new chapter in Nevada and I can’t be more excited.   

Growing up in Cleveland I didn’t have a clue what to do or what I wanted to be.   That was until I found photography. This was something that I loved and I thought to myself “I found my creative outlet!” It truly is my favorite thing to do.  If you find me with out some kind of camera with me, I would be surprised.  Rob is to thank for it since he did buy me my first camera.  In 2007 we went shopping at circuit city where he purchased me my first camera.  Granted, the initial plan was to photograph the work completed at our security installation company but the love grew from there.  I wanted to know what each button did,  I knew then I didn’t just want to use the ” auto mode”.  

Well, after my fur-babies began to refuse to pose for me I began asking friends to step in front of my camera.  That love of the shutter only grew!   I went from capturing images of my pets to eventually weddings. With each wedding, I enjoyed it more and more… I took classes from Ted Linczak, Jasmine Star and so many more.  I just wanted to be the best I could.   

In 2019, I made the conscience decision to stop booking weddings for 2020 because Rob and I had plans.  Vegas was calling!  Let me tell you that is a call you do NOT ignore.  After all the chips fell in place, we made the move to the desert in February 2020.  As you can imagine the  move didn’t come with out complications…  almost immediately upon moving the world was nearly completely shut down due to Coronavirus.  But here we are… as my new City opens back up, I am here with my Camera at the ready and gearing up to get that shutter clicking again.  

VIVA LAS VEGAS!   Let’s capture your Memories! 



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